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ABT-30 Series 2 Beams Digital Active Infrared Detector


★ Resist to strong light, up to 50,000 Lux, with built-in automatic adjustment strong light filtering system, to avoid being
affected by strong sunshine and the light of automobiles.
★ Unique optical design: photoelectric beam is able to penetrate through multi layers of glass with special environment
distinguishing circuit(EDC).
★ Fully protected by integrated structural design, which allows the equipment to operate normally in severe conditions –
rainproof, anti-fogging, resist to dust and insects.
★ F resnel lens and aspherical lens are available for choices, in which Fresnel lens can emit a wider beam
★ Modules design facilitates the addition or stack of the detector
★ with high anti-RFI / EMI capability
★ The beam blocking time can be adjusted to make it more flexible and effective
★ Detection range: depending on different model (refer to the table below)
Model ABT– 20 ABT– 30 ABT – 40 ABT – 60 ABT – 80 ABT-100
(Outdoor) 20 m 30 m 40 m 60 m 80 m ABT-100
(Indoor) 60 m 95 m 120 m 180 m 240 m 300m
Maximum arrival
200m 350m 450m 650m 900m 1100m
Number Of Beams 2 beams
Detection Mode 2 beams blocked simultaneous
Optical Source Infrared digital pulse beam
Response Time 50 ~ 700m sec, adjustable
Alarm Output Relay contact output: N.O. or N.C. Contact capacity: AC / DC 30V 0.5A max.
Power Supply DC13.8 ~ 24V 、 AC11-18V
Power Consumption 40 mA max 40 mA max 55mA max 55 mA max 65 mA max 65 mA max