ASENWARE Fire Alarm System – AW-D112 addressable control module

Reviews Summary by AI:


Asenware AW-D112 is an intelligent addressable control module, which can be configured with Asenware AWFP100 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. Each point (devices) can be given specific ID or individual address, which allows the panel to continuously monitor specific location (point). The module has two panel con- trolled LED indicator. AWD112 control modules provides a notification circuit to control panel which allows to activate the notification devices i.e. horn, strobes etc.

• Addressable-analog communication
• Two-wire connection
• Two LEDs one is Green, which blinks in normal
condition and another one is Red which
becomes steady during fire alarm condition.
• Remote test from Panel

Model No. AW-D112
Protection Level IP 30
Operating Voltage 18V-28V DC
Load Capacity ≤ 200 mA
Standby Current ≤ 5mA
Temperature -10℃~50℃