Xenon – SM-AW707 Alarm sensor

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  • Use with Xenon water valve, Motion Sensor and other devices to trigger siren based on leak or motion detection.
  • Easy setup by pair to connect to your existing Wi-Fi network
  • Controlled by free Jinvoo Smart mobile app
  • Different alarm sounds
  • Adjustable volume via mobile app (up to 110 decibels)
  • 2pcs CR123A battery
  • IFTTT compatible – Pair with any IFTTT enabled product or app to connect your Wi-Fi Siren to the world in fun and useful ways
Xenon Wi-Fi alarm is a wireless siren that helps keep your home safe. Pair the siren with Xenon Wi-Fi Motion/Door Sensor or valve so when either motion event is detected, you can be notified. When the siren is triggered, it will generate a 100 dB (max) audio alarm and it will send push notifications to your smartphone so you know what is going on at home from anywhere. Make your home safer and scare away potential intruders with the Xenon Wi-Fi Siren
Pair it with a motion sensor
Always know when something‘s moving at home or office. Pair your Wi-Fi Siren with your Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and get alerted to movement near doorways, windows, and other sensitive areas.
Pair it with a water sensorStop a problem from becoming a disaster. Pair your Wi-Fi Siren with your Wi-Fi Water valve to detect water or gas from some machines, water heaters or gas before they cost you thousands.
Easy to set up rules
Automate your home for safety, convenience, or both, using Rules – the easiest and best way to create a smarter and more reactive home.
packaging box: 80 x  80 x 70 mm/pc,
375 x 290 x 445 mm/carton