ASENWARE Fire Alarm System – AW-FP300 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)


The purpose of the AW-FP300 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) is to monitor input signals, give indications and possibly activate outputs as programmed. It is designed to comply with EN 54-2 with qualities of simple installation, operation and easy maintenance.
The AW-FP300 panel is an addressable fire detection panel with 1 loop of 324 addressable points and expansion capabilities. It is compatible with other peripherals made by ASENWARE with its own protocol.
The AW-FP300 single loop 32 zone fire alarm control panel offers the following features:
1. Up to 324 addresses on one loop
2. An easy to read, 4.3” color screen LCD with a resolution of 480×272
3. Zone indication and control panel(ZCP) for 32 zones gives a quick indication of the location of an alarm
4. Record capacity of 1000 historical events for each of historical fire, historical fault and historical operation
5. An independently programmable conventional sounder circuit output
6. Integral power supply and battery
7. Integral printer
8. Flexible and intuitive cause and effect programming on front panel
9. Zone test, point test and module start/stop testing facilitate the commissioning
10. U-disk interface makes the load and save of configuration or historical data convenient for system commissioning and maintenance
11. Hierarchy management with three access levels
12. Anti-tamper protection by a key lock
13. CAN bus for interconnection of up to 20 FACPs and RS485 for connection with up to 30 fire indicating panels per FACP