ASENWARE Fire Alarm System – AW-RP2188 Addressable Repeater


The AW-RP2188 fire display panel (display panel for short) is a kind of microprocessor-controlled fire display panel developed by our company. Each display panel is connected to a fire alarm control panel produced by our company via a special RS-485 interface to process and display the data sent from the fire alarm control panel. Each floor of a building may have a display panel installed. When there is a fire alarm on the floor where the display panel is installed, or the neighboring floor above or below it, the display panel will give a horn/strobe alarm and display the floor No., the room No., and some other position information of the fire alarm.

  1. Each display panel is connected with a fire alarm control panel via a RS-48 bus. At most 99 display panels may be connected with each RS-485 bus.
  2. The display panels can display fire alarm messages or feedback messages only rather than fault messages, action messages or other messages.
  3. A fire alarm control panel may be used for setting the display area of a display panel. The set display panel can display the fire alarm messages of the designated area (floor display) only. Note: See the User’s Manual of the fire alarm control panel for the setting method.
  4. It can replace a AW-AFP2100 fire display panel in a 2100 system.
  1. Executive standard: General Technical Conditions for Fire Indicating Panels (GB17429-1998)
  2. Display capacity: Each display panel can display the fire alarm messages of floors -10~90 and at most 99 fire alarm messages or feedback messages.
  3. Wiring system: Four-wire system, power lines (+24V, GND) and RS485 signal lines (485A, 485B);
  4. Operating environment: Indoor; temperature: -10℃~+50℃; relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃, without condensation);
  5. Power supply: DC 24V ±20 %;
  6. Overall power consumption: <3W;
  7. Contact capacity: Relay dry contacts, normally open or normally closed, capacity: 1.25A/DC30V (resistive load).